My name is Matthew Hartke. When I was fifteen I sold all of my video games and used the money to buy a scary-looking anthology of ancient writings with the words “Holy Bible” stamped on the spine. It seemed like a relatively insignificant decision at the time, but looking back I can see how it set the course of my life. As I read that Bible I found myself challenged, stimulated, and bewildered. I had read maybe two books at that point in my life, but as I stumbled through the Old Testament I became more and more interested in questions of interpretation and historical context, which eventually turned me into something I never could have imagined: a person who reads books. I am now pursuing my BA in biblical and theological studies. 

This blog is a place for me to ponder the details of the Christian story, the story contained in that old anthology called the Bible, as I continue to work through my beliefs in the tumultuous climate of the 21st century.